Couple Goes To Norway, Woman Experiences The Most Beautiful Proposal


When we or our partner decide for a proposal, this is a very important decision in our life. For such a move, one must decide when he is fully convinced that he has found the right person for himself to share life’s moments.

But before the common journey, it is the habit that man asks his girlfriend for a hand.

Some people like to do it in public, while eothers like to spend these moments alone. It’s about the engagement that video clip from Norway talks about.

In the video we can see a couple who visited Norway in search of natural beauties, but the girl did not even dream that the visit had another secret. When she and her boyfriend visited the coastal area of Henningsvær in Norway, he went down to his knees on one of the rocks high above the sea, and then proposed his girlfriend.

The scene was also recorded by their friend with a drone, and the video will take your breath away. Will your heart also play at this scene?

Source: klipland



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