Carrie Underwood Sings The United States National Anthem


Coming off of her recent “American Idol” victory, Carrie Underwood was on top of the world. So when she was asked to perform the American National Anthem in front of a stadium filled with 67,000 rowdy Seattle Seahawks fans, she accepted but was probably understandably nervous!

While we’ve heard some pretty amazing versions of the Star Spangled Banner, it should be noted that this song is legendary for its sheer difficulty. Even the best singers in the world are nervous when they’re asked toperform this difficult song. With it’s soaring high notes and its booming low notes, many singers simply shy away from singing it out of fear of messing it up somehow and embarrassing themselves in front of millions of people.

Underwood, however, being the patriotic American that she is, decided she was going to do her very best at singing our National Anthem. So when the audience grew quiet, she took a breath, and started to sing.

The result was something for the ages. Her ability to carry the tune respectfully, while adding just the perfect amount of her own personal flare to it, is something that is absolutely mesmerizing to listen to. She hits every single note with such raw talent and skill that its no wonder why she won the American Idol competition, and its no surprise that she remains a respected celebrity, amazing singer, and impressive American woman all around.

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