Boy Sees Officer And Tells Mom To Stop. He Runs Over To Cop And Quickly Holds Onto His Hand.


We tend to think of children as knowing less about the world and the people in it, simply because they haven’t been on earth as long as adults. But, what we may not consider with this line of thinking is that children actually have a unique perspective that isn’t yet shaped by the prejudices of society. Their innocence and “lack” of knowledge allow them to see things in a different light than many adults.

If we take a step back from our own feelings that are based on years of experiences with the good and evil, and our own solid, unwavering opinions, we may see things from a different perspective. We might be able to bridge the gap between people we disagree with or people we view as “different” from us. Maybe, if we take in the world through the eyes of a child, we might see more good in it than we usually would.

Jaxon Siderius is just six-years-old in this touching video. At this age, Jaxon should be playing with his toys, hanging out with his parents and friends, and having fun. Yet, children hear and absorb more information around them than we realize. Unfortunately, at his age, Jaxon may not have the ability or experience to process specific information. But, he may have a perspective we all can learn from.



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