A Mother Has A Very Special Surprise For Her Daughter


Leaving home can be one of the most trying times for a young adult. Beginning a new life without the support system you’ve grown accustomed to relying upon is nothing short of unnerving. The video below depicts this experience through the prism of the powerful bond between one such young adult named Leticia and her mother. Leticia thinks a film crew is doing a documentary on her choice to leave her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil for an opportunity to take advantage of a hard-earned scholarship. While that is partly true, there is more to this story.

As Leticia heads to the airport she has no idea that her mom has a special surprise in store for her. She goes through the usual protocol of checking in and taking her seat, but when the plane takes off her new reality truly sinks in. Her mother and the world she knew is now just an ever-shrinking glimmer of lights on a fading horizon. That’s when it happened.

Without warning, everyone on the plane gets interrupted by an abrupt message from a flight attendant. Surprisingly, the message wasn’t for each passenger on the plane – it was just for Leticia. It’s at that moment that a video her mom had prepared pops up on everyone’s headrest TV screen, followed by a homemade dish that gets delivered to her by the attendant. The video is so touching that it brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it, and so beautiful that we here at Viral tales just had to share. We hope you find it touching too, and that it reminds you of those you love most, and those who love you.



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