Blind Pit Bull Abandoned In Park Now Rescued And Eats Like A Queen


Stories of helpless pups rescued just in the nick of time really send a chill down our spines. We were thankful that this fluffy little guy was finally picked off the streets, and that this dog was given a second chance at life. Now, Poly’s story is leaving us in happy tears over her lucky save.

Poly is now in good hands after suffering a harrowing experience from some careless owners.

Terrified and alone, the pit bull was found abandoned on a park bench in Santa Barbara, California. When rescuers found her, she was in very bad shape. The poor pup was already blind, but that wasn’t the only tragedy afflicting her.

After a checkup, vets at Foreverhome Pet Rescue found that Poly was also suffering from a bad skin condition and a heart infection. Despite finding a forever home, her owners stills struggle with the mounting cost of keeping her healthy.

But Poly’s situation was more tragic than anticipated. Her previous owners had not just dumped her unceremoniously, but had also used her to have puppies. She was abandoned shortly after giving birth.

Despite all of her hardships, Poly is thriving with her new family! She eats like the queen that she is, her foster parents feeding her scrumptious foods like pieces of cheeseburger and chicken nuggets!

You can track Poly’s progress and read more about her here!

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