This Hamster Just Threw The Greatest 4th Of July Party, And None Of Us Were Invited!


Imagine the best Fourth of July barbecue you’ve ever been to. You’re surrounded by family and friends, and you’re pigging out on all of your favorite summer treats. Now picture that whole thing again, but ten times smaller. That, my friends, is how you throw a pint-sized hamster celebration.

And it’s just as cute as it sounds. This little guy and his buddies chowed down on miniature versions of classic cookout favorites, like kebabs and burgers (of the veggie variety, of course). This tiny celebration was a diverse affair, with a guest list including a floppy bunny, an albino hedgehog, a fluffy guinea pig, and of course, Mr. Tiny Hamster himself.

I mean, it doesn’t get cuter than that. If you’re feeling the workday blues, relive your recent Independence Day bash by watching these little friends chow down.



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