Bikers Help Mother And Daughter Cope With Abuse


There are many groups out there battling in the fight against child abuse. There are social workers, police officers, parents, and lawyers, but this particular group is one that you’d least expect.

When Pearl was just 6 years old, she was sexually abused by her father. “Six years. Every second weekend. More than once,” she says. Now 14, Pearl is finally overcoming what happened.

“The reason I am not showing my face is because the law doesn’t actually allow me to. I would really like to tell him how much damage he has actually brought in my life,” Pearl says.

Then there’s Rosie and her mom. When Rosie was only 2 years old, her father brutally beat both her and her mother causing rib and spinal injuries.

“I am taking a risk talking to you. My life has been threatened but I still want my story to be told so that people who need help, find it,” says Rosie’s mother, Hopey.

The help she’s referring to? A group of bikers called B.A.C.A. or Bikers Against Child Abuse. Hopey and Rosie hid for months from their abuser, who was never convicted.

Only B.A.C.A. helped her and her daughter feel safe. “I knew that I was no longer alone and that people were going to fight in my corner,” Hopey said of the bikers. “They take the whole stereotypical image of a biker and use it in a positive way. They’ll do anything for us. They’re not vigilantes.”

“Our single narrow focus is to remove the fear of those children who are the victims of child abuse,” says B.A.C.A. President, Krash.

See how these bikers have helped Rosie, Hopey, and Pearl below.

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