He Begins Singing “Amazing Grace.” When His Friend Joins In? I Was Floored…


There are songs so timeworn and cherished that they’re known the nation over. “The Star-Spangled Banner,” for instance, is one of them.

Whether sung by a campfire or bellowed by a choir, “Amazing Grace” is another American hymn famous for its enchanting stanzas and many covers throughout our nation’s history. We’ve heard some incredible variations by voices big and small. We’ve shared videos with you before of performances by an ensemble fronted by the powerful vocals of a 7-year-old boy, as well as country music frontrunner Dolly Parton joined by a bagpipe player. Both are great examples of this classic’s range.

The video below is a version by country singer Marty Brown, who topped charts in the ’90s with his hit “High & Dry,” among a number of other country music favorites. Most recently, he competed on America’s Got Talent and won our hearts with his performance of a Bob Dylan song, which he dedicated to his wife.

In the video below, Brown is joined by friend Jason Smith, with whom he harmonizes for a captivating rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Brown plays with only an acoustic guitar, giving the song a beautiful folky feeling.

What’s your favorite rendition of this timeless classic? Let us know in the comments!

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