Thief Tracked Down By Local Woman Harnessing The Power Of Facebook


The commonly used phrase ‘criminal mastermind’ might be a bit of misnomer. Movies and TV shows give a lot of intellectual credit to clever thieves who pull off brilliant heists, best law enforcement, and commit perfect murders.

To be fair, there are probably a handful of evil geniuses out there, but fortunately for us, garden-variety criminals don’t tend to be card-carrying members of MENSA. Who could forget this Einstein who ‘liked’ his own mugshot while on the run?

Well, now he has competition from this numbskull who robbed a home in the suburbs of Detroit. After breaking into a garage in Allen Park, Michigan, the thief traipses slowly through the space, removing potentially valuable items at a relaxed pace, while making eye contact with the owner’s top-notch security camera. In all seriousness, we’ve seen bears that are better criminals.

The footage was so clear that one local woman thought someone must recognize this guy, and might even be able to identify the perp through Facebook. Though she didn’t know the homeowner, Ashley, 23, posted a screen grab of the thief online.

Before long, her picture had been shared around 500 times, and the criminal had been identified several times over, ending his not-so-illustrious career as an incompetent burglar.

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