11 Different Ghost Ships (Full Of Corpses) Just Washed Ashore In Japan


How freaked out would you be if you found out that there were ghost ships floating around in the ocean? (And by “ghost ships,” we mean massive ships that contain only the rotting corpses of the dead. That kind of thing.)

Well, start freaking out, because 11 ghost ships (filled to the brim with corpses) just washed ashore in Japan. Authorities found 20 dead bodies that had decomposed down to the bone.

The ships that washed ashore housed the remains of 20 decomposing corpses.

Authorities have no clue how the ships washed ashore, or who could have possibly killed the men on them.



YouTube / Actual Today

It’s impossible for anyone to identify the bodies, so the case remains a mystery.

This is creepier than any ghost story.


(via The Daily Mail)

That is insanely spooky (suddenly, The Fog seems like a documentary and not a horror movie). This very well could remain a mystery until the end of time.



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