This Tiny Poodle Refused To Be Saved, But A Hero Did The Unthinkable


We’re thrilled to share with you this special new animal rescue from Eldad and Hope For Paws.

Oakley, a small maltese-poodle mix had been homeless for several months when Eldad received the call to rescue her. Living on the streets can be pretty scary, especially for a small dog like Oakley. After months of being ignored by humanity, she had mastered her survival skills. Unfortunately, this made it all the more difficult for Eldad to try and help her. By this point, she was untrusting of people and wouldn’t let anyone get close. It’s heartbreaking to imagine a dog with so much sweetness inside to become so hardened.

Eldad knew he needed to get creative — and even a bit sneaky — in order to save Oakley’s life. During the late night rescue mission, Eldad spotted Oakley laying in a parking lot, covered in dirt and soot. He crept up behind her and tried to finagle the leash around her neck without her noticing. I won’t give the rest away, but I will say that by the end of the video, I was crying like a baby. Just wait!

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