No One Expected 4 Giggling Sisters To Rock The House With Their Explosive Talent


Four sisters flew all the way from the Philippines to the U.K. to audition for the 12th season of “The X-Factor.” Giggling and clutching one another’s hands, the girls were clearly excited and likely nervous about making their London debut. All that changed when the music started. Transformed into four divas, they delivered a powerful cover of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.” Combining strong vocals with flirty dance moves, they dominated the stage.

It turns out, the singers of 4th Power (Almira, 27; Irene, 25; Mylene, 23; Celina, 19) are no strangers to performing before an audience. Under the names MICA and The Gollayan Sisters, they had already won a few talent competitions in Asia, reports Metro. That, and their existing (albeit modest) following on YouTube had some question whether or not these girls were truly unknown to the producers of the U.K.’s “X-Factor.” However, during a subsequent interview on This Morning, the girls clarified that they are still looking for “their break.”

“That’s why we are here, because we are chasing our dreams … Because we are from a humble beginning, this is our way of helping our parents to better our lives and finish studying,” they told the show hosts. Even their prior successes did not prepare them for the reaction they received from “The X-Factor” judges, Simon Cowell in particular. Famous for his harsh criticisms, they had anticipated the worst from the infamous judge. “When we saw the standing ovation we were crying and breaking down onstage.”

Having already made a bold impression on the U.K. audience, these girls are sure to gain some loyal fans through the course of the competition, regardless of the outcome. This in-your-face audition has rocketed 4th Power onto the short list of finalists for many “X-Factor” fans.



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