She Built An $11,000 Home After A Divorce And NEVER Paid A Mortgage Again! BRILLIANT!!


After Macy Miller went through a divorce, and found herself dealing with a mortgage she never wanted, so she decided to do something drastic:

She followed a dream.

After waking up one morning following a vivid dream of living in a tiny, adorable house, Miller decided to make her fantasy a reality.

Using her own money, her own time, her own hands, and some help from her friends, Miller spent 2 years creating the most brilliant little home you’ve ever seen! It may only be 196-square feet, but once you see the pictures, you will not be able to resist! At just $11,000, Miller’s dream home is clearly more budget friendly than any mini mansion in the world…and much more charming, too.

Take a look at the photos below of Macy’s journey. Would you be able to build and live in a house this small? Please SHARE!

Macy started her project based off a dream she had, and slowly, things started to take shape.


Over the course of two years, Macy worked on her house. She built the majority of it on her own with friends.


Her kitchen is only about as big as some people’s hallways.


But it has everything she could ever need!


Her bathroom may be small, but it’s beautiful!


And has a composting toilet! (The most expensive addition to the house at $2,000.)


Her living room may be tiny –


But it gives her the piece and quiet she needs to work!


Her bedroom is also quite small, but there is definitely enough room for a full-sized bed!


All of the wiring in her house? Macy did it.


By literally following her dream, Macy created the home she always wanted, and the life she always craved!


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