Precocious 2-year-old reels in fish while lake fishing


While lake fishing in Alaska, this bundled-up toddler attempts to reel in her first catch. Her technique for bringing the trout to the surface may be unorthodox, but 2-year-old Bethany proves that sheer determination (and a little help from her dad) can accomplish almost anything.

In the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Jacob Klapak (also known as Fishermanjake AK), we witness a precious moment with Bethany, a pint-size angler-in-training. She successfully hooks a rainbow trout on the end of her line but has some difficulty bringing it to the surface. Despite her parents’ instructions, Bethany (who is also called Beth in the video) opts to employ her own technique — lifting her little fishing rod up without winding the fishing line back onto the reel.

While hers may not be the most efficient method, the effort Bethany puts forth is admirable. It’s worth mentioning that, throughout her struggle, this tot’s parents encourage her to keep trying. At one point, she hands the fishing rod over to her father so that he can reel the trout in for her, to which he replies, “Hold it, Beth, hold it. You gotta catch it by yourself.” Not only are Bethany’s parents teaching her how to fish, but they are also giving her a valuable life lesson on the importance of perseverance and independence.

Ice fishing is a brilliant way to introduce beginners to fishing in general because of its relative ease. Of course, there are certain safety measures that must be addressed before staking your claim on a fishing spot. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released an in-depth guide on how to determine ideal ice conditions and fishing techniques, as well as the regulations on the sport. These restrictions may vary depending on location, but the universally-applicable message from this document is that, given the low temperatures outside and the risk of the ice cracking, extreme caution should be exercised while ice fishing. Take Me Fishing notes that different equipment is needed for ice fishing than regular fishing, so it’s important to do research beforehand. And remember, if you plan on taking an Alaskan fishing trip, it might be more effective to actually reel your catch in as opposed to copying Bethany’s technique.

In this video’s YouTube description, Klapak mentions that this idyllic scene takes place “on a lake in remote Alaska.” When he says “remote,” Klapak speaks with authority; he writes in the “About” section of his YouTube channel: “We live in the middle of the mountains, 50 miles from the nearest grocery store. We fish, hunt, trap, hike, prospect, and just about everything else.” It seems that this family fully embraces an outdoor lifestyle, and we have a sneaking suspicion that Bethany’s experience with this rainbow trout is the first of many successful ice fishing adventures.



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