Zoo-dwelling orangutan makes the saddest face watching smartphone video of apes


Easily the most adorably saddening video I’ve seen all year. In a video uploaded Dec. 1, we watch a man show an orangutan a video on his smart phone. The ape presses her face against the glass to make the largest frown I’ve ever seen.

The ape then turns away, possibly causing you to think she’s uninterested in the video. However, this emotional ape was only grabbing her blanket to snuggle back up to the window. What was keeping this orangutans attention?

The video was uploaded onto Lauren Burton’s YouTube account and Burton explains in the video description, her brother Evan showed the ape a video of orangutans. Burton also informs us they recorded the video early this year at the Toledo Zoo.

“That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen” we hear a woman’s voice say on the below video.

However, those commenting on Burton’s YouTube account are in outrage. Many are sharing that they felt this video was the opposite of funny. Funny or sad, it surely seems this orangutan has tapped into viewers hearts as if to say, “I miss my family.” This poor ape looks like she needs a hug.

Toledo Zoo’s website states the orangutans “are a part of the Species Survival Plan to ensure a healthy and genetically diverse population in North American zoos.”

What did you think? Did this orangutan have you laughing or crying?



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