Woman Rescued From River After Trying To Save Friend’s Phone


Today, a viral video from the American state of California went viral on social networks, and you can see the real drama.

The woman was rescued from storm water in Los Angeles, and the entire incident was captured on camera, so the woman had to be rescued by helicopter.

The video, which appeared these days on YouTube, has already become a real hit — at the moment it has more than 100,000 views, and many users of the network are praising the quick intervention of the police and other rescuers.

Inside Edition,Youtube

We can see a scene from Los Angeles, where a woman falls in a scene in Los Angeles. He went to the river to save his friend’s lost mobile phone, but the river level rose in a few minutes due to torrential rains.

The woman was carried away by storm water even before emergency-rescue operation. After several unsuccessful attempts, the woman had to be rescued by helicopter, and luckily, the rescue was successful. See how they save a helpless woman from stormy water in Los Angeles.



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