This Woman Places Marbles In A Cupcake Tin. The Result? I Can’t Wait To Try This


When we saw this woman involve a marble into her baking, we were beyond intrigued. By the end, we were amazed! This is incredible.

What a creative and cost-effective treat to make for your Valentine! It goes without saying, when we first saw her throw a marble in with her cupcake recipe, we were a bit perplexed. What blew our minds even more than that is how much we actually spend each year on Valentine’s Day gifts.
What we found may surprise you.
According to a Huffington Post article, the average person spends roughly $133.91 a year on V-Day.
That’s more than affordable for some, but for others that’s a fairly staggering number. But does money really make a gift better? In fact, one could argue that a creative, original, heartfelt treat could be deemed more valuable, and therefore treasured more than any stuck-up dinner at a high-priced restaurant.
Make a lasting memory this Valentine’s Day without spending more than $20 with this incredible cupcake tutorial!
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