Watch A Woman Paint Herself As Corpse Bride In Two And A Half Minutes


Fall is a wonderful time for horror enthusiasts, as October ushers in new works of terror and rehashes some of the classics. It’s also a prime opportunity to revisit some tutorials about how to mask your face for the coming Halloween festivities.

If you’re in the mood this year for something a little less spooky, check out a tutorial on how to paint your face to look like a husky puppy.

For the terror junkies among us, however, look no further than the video below for your frightful Halloween getup.

The artist in the video completely transforms her face to look like that of Emily from Corpse Bride, with large, wide eyes and an elongated neck to give you that classic Tim Burton aesthetic. This is a pretty advanced tutorial, and her shading and contouring throughout is fairly complex. But this is an excellent guide for a more basic application, too (keep in mind it won’t look exactly the same as it would if you followed her lead step-by-step, but you’ll probably still impress a few friends anyway).

Also, watch how she ages the wig. That’s a super easy trick for any zombie/corpse/witch look as well — so you’ve already got ideas for next year!

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