Watch This Little Kid Dance To “Cuban Pete” In A Performance For The Ages


Let’s give it up for the world’s greatest child, because if this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

Earlier today, a video emerged of a boy whose moves to “Cuban Pete” are, for lack of a more appropriate descriptor, everything. For those unfamiliar, “Cuban Pete” was originally written by José Norman (Joseph Norman) and performed by Louis Armstrong, but it became a household favorite after it was performed by Desi Arnaz on I Love Lucy. (Much later, our younger audience will remember, it got a revamp by Jim Carrey in The Mask.) But this kid’s rendition indisputably takes the gold.

Now I don’t know who taught this kid to dance, but some genius had the good sense to throw on his favorite song. Poolside, this little Casanova shakes his way across the pool yard, wowing his audience of complete strangers (for whom he shimmies repeatedly) as his onlookers cheer him on. Jim Carrey’s wacky performance doesn’t have a penny on this little man’s rumba. He even does a cartwheel!

I hereby motion for a permanent position on some dance competition show so that we can watch this kid strut his talent for all eternity.

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