The Vienna State Opera’s Performance Goes Hilariously Wrong… On Purpose


Ballet is beautiful. The dancers make it look effortless, like they are floating across the stage with almost zero effort. When you go to see a ballet, you’re expecting to see only the most refined of performances, and the most dignified routines.

But who says that ballerinas can’t incorporate a little bit of humor into their choreography every now and again? With all of the excruciating work they put into perfecting every move, they definitely need an outlet to goof around a little. It’s not easy to make those moves look so effortless. In fact, ballerinas are some of the most intense athletes out there, working obscenely hard to keep their bodies in peak physical condition so they’ll be able to leap and bound across the stage for us as an audience. Then they must take those bodies and wear them down in hours upon hours of rehearsals and performances. Can you imagine the muscle pains the day after a big rehearsal?

So these ballerinas at The Vienna State Opera decided to let loose in front of an audience, to show them that even serious ballerinas can have a sense of humor. When a dancer sulks onto the stage behind the others, it sets the tone for the performance to come… The audience already loves it!

Just make sure you get to 3:05!

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