Veteran Gets An Amazing Surprise During The Big Game


Sergeant Jerry Holcomb has dedicated 13 years of his life to the United States Army. While serving our country, Holcomb has been awarded two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars, all from three separate tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq during his military career.

While Holcomb’s bravery and sacrifices are undeniable, no one seems to want to talk to the multiple struggles that veterans encounter when they return home. Many have trouble finding good work, and without those well-paying jobs, the dream of becoming a homeowner often disappears entirely.

But it was at a soccer game, of all places, that Holcomb and his wife were presented with one of the most amazing gifts anyone could ever ask for. A mortgage-free home, with everything paid for, for this amazing combat veteran and his whole family.

Thanks to the amazing people at the nonprofit organization Operation Finally Home, this brave soldier and so many others are being rewarded and thanked for everything they’ve done for their country. While we love seeing “welcome home” videos featuring soldiers returning to their families, this video might just be the very best of them all!

For too long our nation’s military aren’t given the respect they deserve; they’ve gone through a lot when they answered the nation’s call, and instead of just saying “thank you” to these veterans, some people have decided to band together with local home builders throughout America in order to let their actions speak even louder!

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