Unbelievable Lifesaving Moment Caught On Hospital Surveillance


“If it wasn’t for this team at Salem Hospital, I’d be dead.”

Those are the strong words of John Juras, who was taken to the Oregon hospital in 2012 after he began suffering from chest pains.

Judging by what the hospital surveillance cameras caught that day, it’s clear he was right.

Juras’ girlfriend, Janet Carter, brought him to the hospital because she knew something was very wrong. As soon as she pulled up to the emergency area, his heart stopped beating.

That’s when the medical staff came to his rescue. One nurse performed CPR in the car. Moments later, more staff swarmed the scene and put him on a stretcher.

What we see around the 1:30 mark shows just how frantically the staff made every effort to keep the patient alive. In fact, the team spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate Juras. He finally came back to consciousness, much like the Ohio man who’d been pronounced dead for 45 minutes.

“There were so many people responding to his situation,” said Carter, who was also comforted by the staff at the end of the footage. “It’s amazing, absolutely amazing to me, what they had done for him.”

Juras fully agreed: “Absolutely a miracle what they did for me. I owe them my life.”

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