Two Babies Happily Dance To Their Mother’s Beautiful Voice


The two adorable little girls in this heartwarming video are guaranteed to bring a smile to your heart! At first, it seems like these two tiny babies are just happily sitting on the bed, but within moments they’re both dancing, laughing, and smiling in the cutest way possible!

It turns out that Mom started recording her two precious angels because she knew exactly what they were going to do: whenever mom starts to sing, they can’t help but dance and groove to the music!

The babies were both calmly sitting, staring at the camera, but the second Mom starts to hum out the tunes, both of these babies break out with huge smiles! The looks on their faces really show how much they naturally love music and singing. While they can’t talk yet, they can certainly dance!

At the :26 mark, when the baby on the right flops over onto her back, we couldn’t hold in our laughter. These babies are so happy and healthy in their loving home, and we’re sure they’re going to grow up to love the voice of their mother and maybe even start singing themselves, too. This is simply too adorable!

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