Truly Magnificent Aerial Footage Of Oahu’s North Shore


There’s no denying that Oahu’s North Shore is breathtakingly gorgeous. However, this drone camera footage, capturing sweeping aerial shots of its beautiful beaches, is truly something else. It’s pretty outstanding to see this epic landscape (as well as the adventurous people who live there) from a bird’s-eye angle and the way the video is shot really makes this place seem like a utopia. In fact , we’re ready to book our tickets on the next flight to Hawaii!

According to Surfline’s upload of the video, this was shot by Eric Sterman in 4k Ultra HD. While we don’t know too much about drone photography, it’s clear that this gentleman is extremely skilled in his impeccable control over the device. In fact, this footage is shot so smoothly, you’d think it was captured from an airplane. If this is the future of nature photography, we’re incredibly impressed.

Have you ever been to Oahu’s North Shore? What were some of your favorite places? Do you think this drone footage captured its essence? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found it as stunning as we did!



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