Three-Year-Old Girl Gets A Hilarious ‘Old Lady’ Makeover


As an adult, I wish I could give every child one piece of advice: “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.” And yet, children are always clamoring to act just like the grown-ups around them.

This can obviously lead to some adorable and hilarious situations — like with this five-year-old who says she is moving out of her parents house.

And when I saw the lengths this three-year-old girl was willing to go to be more “adult,” I had to laugh out loud.

Samantha Parsons is a young artist living in Ohio. She was recently babysitting her three-year-old niece, Roey, when the young girl saw Samantha putting on makeup. Roey asked her aunt if she would do her makeup as well.

Not only did Samantha do Roey’s makeup, but the pictures of the young girl’s makeover are going absolutely viral!

Scroll through below to see the hilarious results of a three-year-old wanting to look more “grown up.”

What do you think of the makeover Samantha gave her niece? Let us know in the comments.


Samantha Parsons was babysitting her niece, Roey, when the young girl made a surprising request of her aunt.

Samantha tweeted, “Today while babysitting, I was putting on mascara and my 3-year-old niece asked if I could do her makeup too.”

However, instead of simply applying some mascara to her niece’s face, she decided to go a whole lot further.


Samantha gave Roey a hilarious makeover. Using her skills as an artist, Samantha gave her niece quite the “old lady” treatment.



Samantha gave Roey wrinkle lines on her forehead and cheeks, created deep-set eyes with shading, and colored in hilariously dark eyebrows.


Not only did Roey love her new look, but the internet did as well.

After the photos of Roey’s makeover were posted on Twitter, they were shared over 39,000 times and liked by over 52,000 people!


Since learning of her internet fame, Roey expressed her immense joy.

Samantha asked her, “So you’re famous now — how do you feel?”

Roey replied, “Umm, I feel happy and happy and happier… and I feel… happy.”


While kids are often in a hurry to grow up, Roey probably had no idea what was in store for her when she asked her aunt to do her makeup. This hilarious makeover has certainly brought joy to a lot of people across the globe.

What do you think of Roey’s new look? Let us know in the comments.

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