Three Siblings Stand Together To Sing “How Great Thou Art”


These three siblings have joined their angelic voices together in order to perform one of the most beautiful hymns in the history of the world.

At 20 years old, Delaney Daves is the big sister who offers her talented voice all while being able to play the mandolin when needed. In the middle is 19-year-old Zachary; vocalist, writer, and guitar player. And to round out the trio there’s the baby of the group, little 17-year-old Erika, who sings like an angel and can play the piano just as well!

The trio call themselves “Daves Highway,” and they are all self-taught musicians who love music of all types. But they’re most famous for their amazing versions of spiritual, gospel, and hymn songs.

The song they sing was voted the second most famous hymns of all time, the first being “Amazing Grace.” The slow and soothing nature of this song helps paint the picture of how it was originally written. In 1885 the poet Carl Boberg was inspired when, after walking home from church in his homeland of Sweden, a huge storm suddenly appeared, only to just as quickly subside leaving behind a peaceful calm.

Boberg gazed out over the field of his home and was inspired by all of His works; over 100 years later the song is as popular as ever, and with young folks like these keeping to the tradition, we’re sure it’ll be around for another 100 years! At the 3:42 mark of this amazing video, we got chills. These three siblings are incredibly great at singing this great hymn!

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