Three Cops Are On Patrol When This Song Comes On The Radio. Their Reaction? Priceless!


It wasn’t very long ago that the internet was taken by storm with the story of a Dover, DE police officer who was caught on camera in his patrol car lip-synching and dancing to Taylor Swift’s mega-hit “Shake It Off.” The great thing about the video is that, once it went viral, everyone was able to see that police officers are human, too. And when they’re not fighting crime, they too like to get funky.

Well, it looks like music is the key to a cop’s heart, as another group of police officers has been caught on camera lip-synching in their car.

In the below video, uploaded to Facebook by The Jerusalem Post, you’ll see three Israeli police officers riding along in their patrol car when the classic 1939 song (that was a popularized again in 1994 when Disney used it in their film The Lion King) “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

When the music starts playing, the officers go into what is clearly a bit of a routine for them. The officer in the front passenger seat begins singing along to the song while the other two officers start to sway and dance.

They also get into the act when the rest of the parts of the song begin playing with the backseat passenger picking up the memorable “Awimbawe” parts and the driver hitting all those ridiculously high notes.

They having an absolute ball, and the video allows the playful nature of these officers to shine through. When part of your job is looking out for your life (and the lives of those around you), it’s important to take a few minutes to relax once in a while.

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