This dog was left untouched for 2 years, and rescuers saved her life


The other day a video appeared on YouTube about the rescue of a puppy who had never experienced human love.

For two years he wasn’t allowed to touch anyone, but in the last few days the people at the shelter took the dog in and offered him everything he deserved in life.

The video clip, published by The Dodo on YouTube, has already become a real hit – to date, almost a million people have watched it on the aforementioned network alone, and many animal lovers are happy with the result.

The dog had been living in the harbor for the past two years and no one was allowed to touch it. The shelter staff also tried to save them several times, but the dog repeatedly ran away from them. These days he was finally caught, cared for properly and handed over to a loving family.

The dog’s reaction to the first touch touched many – gratitude was visible in his eyes, and this scene touched the hearts of many viewers. Watch the exciting development of the two-year-old puppy’s story.



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