This Cockatoo Hears Her Parents Arguing. How She Responds


Not only are birds considered to be intelligent, but also they can be classified under goofiest animals. I don’t know if I’m wrong, those are my thoughts. But what happens when you meet a bird that has perfectly combined the two traits? Funny and smart are the words!

The loud-spoken Peaches-the-cockatoo is featured within this video. And watch my words — very soon this video will go viral since it has what it takes! Peaches is one of those who don’t know the meaning of silence. She is sited on her cage’s top shouting as loud as she can. The funny part of it — it isn’t gibberish, she is imitating the arguments of her parents. You won’t believe it, so hysterical.

Though I find it hard to clearly make out whatever she’s saying, it is evident the words she’s mimicking must be accusations and cursing words. Her memory must be incredible or the owners are arguing frequently. The way dad is sited near Peaches, it shows this is not the first time he’s come across that.

As a character, Peaches is so funny, ever come across one like her?



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