These Tennessee Firemen Make A Beautiful DIY American Flag Out Of An Old Firehose


Firefighters and paramedics are among society’s true heroes. They put themselves in danger on a regular basis to save the lives of others.

They also have been known to have some of the most creative minds as well, like the firemen who danced in their own music video. And when I saw what one group of firefighters and paramedics from Tennessee made? I was absolutely floored.

This creative and patriotic DIY project is not like anything I have ever seen before. And talk about upcycling! The firefighters at Station 6 in Kingsport, Tennessee took an old firehose and transformed it into a stunning American flag.

This gorgeous piece of American art is really impressive and comes from a group that already goes above and beyond in their normal jobs. The photos below show exactly how these firefighters were able to create such a beautiful patriotic tribute.

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h/t: Model City Firefighter

Station 6 is located in the Colonial Heights section of Kinsport, TN and is now home to one of the most patriotic DIY projects ever.

Kingsport Fire Department

These firefighters and paramedics started their piece by cutting a retired firehose into 13 different sections.

Model City Firefighter

They removed the outer jacket of the hose and power washed it to make sure it was clean.

Model City Firefighter

They then measured out exactly where the blue section of the flag should appear.


Model City Firefighter

They then painted blue onto 7 strips of the firehose.



Model City Firefighter

They painted red onto 7 of the strips, keeping the remaining 6 ones the original white hose color.


Model City Firefighter

They then allowed the paint to dry.


Model City Firefighter

Using a wooden board as a base, they measured the strips against the wood very carefully and cut it to the right size.


Model City Firefighter

They used a star-shaped stamp to apply stars to the flag.


Model City Firefighter

Once the stars were dry, they attached the hose to the board using spray adhesive, couplings, and staples on the back.


Model City Firefighter

All that was left to do was to touch up the paint.


Model City Firefighter

And just like that, Station 6 had created a gorgeous American flag out of a retired firehose!


Model City Firefighter

The entire project only cost around $50, though a lot of time and love was put into it.


Model City Firefighter

This firehose flag project is currently on display at the station in Colonial Heights and is a true inspiration to the community!


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