A Suspicious Bunny Eventually Takes A Snuggly Nap With This Pup


Some friendships take a long time to blossom. You need to get time to know someone before you can let your emotional guard down. Once you do let that wall down, though, that friendship is so full of love and affection that all the time working toward that point is worth it.

Other friendships click the moment you meet another person. You know right away that you’re going to be the best of friends until the end of time, and no one is going to tell you otherwise. You may have a few arguments along the way, but the bond you carry with that person is unbreakable.

Still, other friendships are a little more complicated.

When this bunny sees this sleepy pup lounging on a comfy bed, he’s not sure what to think. He does a little investigating, and definitely still has his guard up. He’s not ready to commit to friendship quite yet, no sir. This bunny has to do his research first. No stone will go unturned!

But after just a little bit of time, he knows that this pup is a good egg, and he’s ready to be the very best of friends. Just wait until you see these two once their very short friendship-courting has turned into a fully blossomed relationship, all in the blink of an eye! They’re the sweetest, and :17 just about killed me with cuteness!

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