He Squirts Detergent In The Toilet. The Result? This Changes Everything!


In this super helpful video, Build.com shows you a quick and easy way to unclog your toilet without a plunger. The main ingredient you’ll need? Regular ol’ dish detergent!

You can simply squirt a decent amount of detergent into the bowl, then pour a bucket of hot water into the bowl, filling to the rim. Then wait between 3-10 minutes, repeat the process, and bamn! The toilet should be unclogged.

You can also add fabric softener to the mix, as it also softens, loosens and de-foams. While Build.com notes all clogs are different, this simple idea worked on an extreme clog!

The detergent seeps into the clog, lubricating the trapway and freeing the clog. You even get a cleaner toilet bowl out of this process!

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