Sorry, Brides… This Groom And His Mom Just PERFECTED The Wedding Dance!


This groom loves his new bride so much, but he’ll always be a mama’s boy!

It’s no secret that at weddings the mother/son dance is often overshadowed by the father/daughter dance, which is overshadowed by the couple’s first dance…and sometimes even a surprise dance by the entire wedding party, like in this awesome video!

Maybe that’s what makes the following video of Wesley Ryan and his mom, Julie’s, special dance such an awesome surprise. No one in the room saw this coming! Julie and Wes’ dance started off pretty traditional…and emotional, as you can see by the tears in the room. But only a few seconds into their touching dance to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” the music suddenly changes and they start tearing up the dance floor!

From Michael Jackson to Chubby Checker, with just the right amount of ‘N Sync, this has to be one of the best wedding dances I’ve ever seen! I’m so obsessed with this mother and son dance duo. It’s such an awesome way to make a special memory that their family, along with all their wedding guests and now millions of YouTube viewers, won’t soon forget!

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