Her Son Was Ignoring Her Calls—So Mom Came Up With A BRILLIANT Plan


Mothers of teens know the struggle all too well — trying to get a hold of them on their cell phones while they’re out socializing can be downright impossible. Which, of course, is both worrisome and infuriating for many parents. But Sharon, one technologically gifted mother, came up with a brilliant idea when he son continued to ignore her phone calls and texts while out with his friends.

Sharon started to research, and she eventually created a phone app called “Ignore No More.” When a teen fails to pick up a call from Mom or Dad, the app locks their phone — until they call their parents for the password!! Um, GENIUS MUCH?!

Oh, and if the teen tries to get rid of the app without consent? The admin installed in the program will immediately lock and the parent will receive an email message stating: WARNING CHILD TAMPERING WITH IGNORE NO MORE!

Sharon, you’re amazing.

What do YOU think of her idea?

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