She Was Filming The Mini Horse When The Cat Walks Over.. The Next Part is Melting Everyone’s Hearts


A sane cat is a cat that loves being petted. You see, cats are inherently funny and curious of their surroundings, and that gives them a great advantage in picking out the best stuff to play around with. They’re also quick to choose the coolest humans to pet them. In fact, as you’ll get to learn in this video, a smart cat can make friends with just about any nice creature!

Featured in the video is this fat cat named Mango. Now, Mango loves being petted, and he’ll get that even if it means striking some good rapport with a horse. In his “neighborhood,” there’s this nice mini horse that seems to act so friendly, and Mango isn’t about to let this niceness go to waste. He’s going to grab the chance to get himself some good petting!

Watch as the fat feline walks right up the small horse and proceeds to demand for his share of the cool petting experience. The mini horse loves the act, so the game starts. You can’t miss this!

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