These Shadow Dancers Tell The Moving Story Of A Young Soldier


Dance is probably the most evocative art form for translating an individual experience into an emotive public performance.

The combination of beautiful music and poignant movements can convey the essential feeling of something much more effectively than a static picture or a simple piece of music, and more effortlessly than a play or musical.

But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a performance as lovely and emotive as this incredible shadow dance. Combining dance, music, visual art, and theater, this Hungarian dance troupe, called “Attraction,” brings a heartbreaking story of love and loss to Britain’s Got Talent.

Using their bodies and minimal props to create their set, the members of  Attraction create Stonehenge, London’s Tower Bridge, a car, an airplane, and palm trees using just their bodies. Its a remarkable display of synchronicity and timing as the members of the troupe separate and reconvene for each and every set change.

Meanwhile, in the backdrop of every scene is a young couple, going through the motions of what has become a familiar wartime story — boy meets girl, fate intervenes, and happily-ever-after takes a backseat to duty. It’s a tender, modern take on an archetypal story, and it just might bring you to tears.

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