Roofers Are Working When Music Comes On. Man In Blue Quickly Brightens Everyone’s Day


Andrew Wilcox was helping construct a shed beside a house when he just couldn’t help himself. Enrique Iglesias’ song “Bailando” started using the radio. He and another roofing professional were dealing with the roofing system on the shed while listening to some tunes.
Andrew heard the tune playing and couldn’t stop himself from feeling the music. However what he did next has individuals all over chuckling out loud.

Andrew simply had to get his groove on and stopped working for less than a minute. He began swaying his hips, shaking and boogieing to the hit tune.
He was hilarious to view! Somebody else simply had to record Andrew’s impromptu dance efficiency on the roofing system – and after that Andrew shared it on YouTube where it’s gone viral.

You need to see this Super funny rooftop dance routine on your own. This guy’s very good!



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