They Rescued A Stray Pit Bull With Her Puppies, Then They Realize Something Is So Wrong


A mom Pit Bull and her little pups were rescued, but that’s not really the real story. The exact story will leave you with lots of feelings. You just want to know this right now!

First, we have this adorable sweet dog, and then we have these nice rescue people. Now, these guys from Hope For Paws received a call about this unknown pit bull that happened to break into someone’s property. In fact, the call wasn’t really about the break in. It was about the dog’s kids!

The pit bull had given birth to a litter on a stranger’s property. She had hidden her family in the backyard. But the real story started when the rescuers showed up to take in the canine family. The mama dog wasn’t so accommodating at first, and that’s until she finally figured that these humans were actually offering her and her pups a way out of their misery.

Even amidst her resistance, the rescuers never gave up on her. They tried their best to make friends and earn her trust. Such good people!

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