Rescued Piglets Go Wild Experiencing Green Open Pastures For The First Time


In June, PETA got involved with a couple in Virginia whose farm had reached hoarding-level conditions. The owners had bought two pigs hoping to sell their offspring, but they fell in love with the piggies and couldn’t bare to see them go. Before they knew it, the family had more pigs than they could handle. Thankfully, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary was able help foster the little pigs.

“Unlike many hoarding situations we encounter, these owners realized that things had gotten way out of hand and that they needed help. That’s when PETA got involved and asked if we could give eleven — eleven! — piglets a home,” Catskill’s Communications Manager Thomas Negro said. “To say that caught us by surprise was an understatement. A pig rescue of this size is rare. But luckily we had the room. ‘We’ll see you when you get here,’ we told PETA.”

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary welcomed eleven nine-week old piglets, but they were frightened and remained huddled together when they arrived. Slowly over time, the piglets began to come around. After the babies were taken to a vet to be spayed or neutered, they began to heal and grow.

Finally, one afternoon, they were ready to move into a big field and enjoy the open green pastures. The video below captures the beautiful moment that the little pigs get to frolic and play in the mud. It’s truly a sight to behold. God bless the amazing rescuers and caretakers.

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