He Put A Pint Of Ice Cream In The Microwave. 2 Minutes Later?


If you’ve ever bought a pint of ice cream from the grocery store then you’ve probably had trouble finishing it by yourself. It seems like the perfect amount at first, but halfway through, you realize you’ll probably have a little leftover ice cream. Rather than save what’s left though, why not use it to create an entirely new dessert?

Milk and eggs are some of the primary wet ingredients in cake. Add to that sugar, flour etc. and you have the other most popular dessert alongside ice cream. That’s the basis of any basic cake recipe. The brilliant thing behind this recipe though, is that you can melt that ice cream and use it as the substitute for wet ingredients. Add some basic cake mix to your melted ice cream and toss it in the microwave. A couple of minutes later, you’ve got a cake in your pint container.
Try this recipe out and let us know what you think of it in the comments down below! Maybe try a different flavor of ice cream and tell us about it!


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