Puppy Sleeps On The Job As Sneaky Baby “Drops In” To Steal Confidential Package


It must have been a rainy day for these parents because this creative idea is pretty clever. Albeit a little dangerous, it was probably well supervised. As long as it’s safe, why not have a little fun with your kid while they’re too young to put up a fuss? This will make for some fantastic home video viewing down the line or the perfect bit of footage to re-live at their wedding!

The puppy isn’t too impressed. The family dog is laying there, minding his own business in a world of his own when the music is cued, and we see a moving shadow in the upper left corner. First, a leg comes into view. Then a body, then a head and finally the surprise is revealed–a small child is being lowered into the scene, with Mission Impossible music playing in the background.

The quest is simple: the child must grab the unknown package laying beside the…ahem…scary beast, before he awakens and all hell breaks loose. The baby is fully lowered, and bobbles around for a minute, unsure of what to do next until he makes eye contact with the package. He grabs it with one hand, and slowly but surely gets hoisted back up, away from the impending claws of danger.



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