She Pours This Simple Solution On The Ice. Seconds Later? AMAZING!


If you’re in an area of the world experiencing bitter, bitter cold this winter, chances are you’ve just about had enough.

Between dangers on the road, freezing pipes, and more snow than anyone asked for, I will definitely be remembering this winter as one of the coldest of all time.

One way to make sure you and your loved ones keep safe is to remove the ice piling up around your home. We had a couple of inches of snow in my neighborhood recently and I didn’t think it needed to be removed…big mistake! Now that “little bit” of snow has frozen into some seriously dangerous ice.

However, I learned from the following video that I don’t need to buy any expensive, harsh chemical solutions, or spend time shaking salt over the sidewalk. You can make a non-toxic, cheap, and safe ice melter with only warm water, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap.

I hope this helps you make the best of this chilly weather. Please SHARE with friends on Facebook to help them out this winter!




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