Porta Potty Prank Will Have You Cracking Up!


There’s nothing worse than having to use the dreaded “porta potty” at concerts or other outdoor events in the summer.

Improv Everywhere decided to have some fun andprank the unsuspecting crowd (and porta potty users) at the Governors Ball music festival in New York, and the outcome was priceless.

When someone would open the door, they would be shocked to see a marching band or an entire church choir burst out of the stall.

This has to go down as one of the funniest pranks of all time. I was laughing from beginning to end!

“For our latest mission, we staged a series of surprises at the porta potty area of the Governors Ball music festival in New York. When random concertgoers opened our ‘magical’ porta potty, they were surprised by a ridiculous number of performers streaming out of the door,” the Improv Everywhere crew wrote on their website.

All of these people did not expect for this to happen when they opened up the door of the porta potty. The seemingly single-person stall fit many more people than that! And I totally understand — it is absolutely crazy what these pranksters were able to pull off over and over again.

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you laugh, or just stand there in a land of confusion?

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