He Plays A Famous Song Backwards. And Then? My Jaw Hit The FLOOR!


Even if you’re not into Metallica, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard their famous song “Enter Sandman” before. Everything about this song is distinctive, from the dark lyrics, to the gritty vocals, to the unforgettable guitar melody. There are plenty of covers to be found on YouTube, but multitalented musician Rob Scallon has taken the song to a whole new level. Sure, his guitar skills are impressive. Yeah, he can play the drums, too. I guess it’s pretty cool that he can also sing. But he’s the only guy I’ve ever heard of that can do it all backwards.

The most amazing part of Rob’s performance is that it doesn’t sound like it’s being played and sung in reverse, but the reason for that is because, after recording himself playing the song, he then played the video backwards, too. Don’t get me wrong, these young girls blew me away when they covered the dark tune, but Rob’s talent is beyond compare.

It sounds so good when it’s played “backwards” that he opted to use other props to prove that he’s not just singing it normally. He also has a video of him singing it before putting the video in reverse, just in case you still couldn’t believe your own ears.

Everything about this video has left me stunned, but the most impressive part for me is when Rob sings the lyrics backwards. He had to get the melody, rhythm, and words to sound exactly right when sung in reverse. This guy isn’t just a musician — he’s a genius. What other songs would you like to hear him perform backwards?

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