Pit Bull Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Left Abandoned And Injured


Dr. Matt says a pit bull named Daisy came to Vet Ranch late last year after she’d been treated by an emergency veterinarian for a wound on her side. She was homeless, and they hypothesize that she’d been hit by a car, but there was no way to know for certain. She was limping, and she had a massive and infected injury that would’ve likely killed her had it gone untreated.

Dr. Matt almost immediately put Daisy under anesthesia to get a better idea about what was happening under her bandage. Her wound was so deep that he couldn’t close it up with stitches, instead opting for hydrotherapy to stimulate the tissue. It took multiple sessions of hydrotherapy to get her tissue healthy enough to suture up, but following surgery she was a tail wagging sweetheart despite the harrowing ordeal she’d undergone.

Within weeks of when Daisy arrived in the care of Dr. Matt, she was fully healed, no longer limping, and a sweet and loving pup ready to meet her forever home. So while Daisy shattersstereotypes about pit bulls, she’s also the poster child for loving shelter pets who need homes.

Warning: This video contains graphic imagery that may be upsetting to some viewers.

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