Parents Sell Their Lost Child’s Crib, But Receive A Surprise In Return


Even in the darkest of times, there is still light being shared out of the goodness of people’s hearts. This was exactly the case for Valerie Watts, a woman living in Cokato, MN when she gave birth to a stillborn baby. In the video, Watts tells Fox 9 that she was nervous in the days leading up to her delivery because she noticed less and less movement from the baby compared to before. Watts had picked out the name Noah for her soon-to-be son, in addition to having purchased him a crib, clothes, and various baby items. The horrific news that her baby had been delivered a stillborn completely shattered Watts’ heart. Noah’s umbilical cord had pinched in the womb.

In the days following her son’s death, Watts held a garage sell that attracted a local craftsman named Gerald Kumpula who was interested in buying Watts’ crib. Despite Watt’s initial hesitance in parting with the crib she sold it to Kumpula and told him and his wife the story of her lost son. Little did Watts know, Kumpula set to work on her crib, but not for the reason she’d initially expected. What happens next is too beautiful for words.

we know that there are bad things happening all the time in the world. We also recognize that there are stories that give us hope throughout the tough times in life. We were so touched by this video and we hope that you will be too. Tell us what you think in the comments below after watching; we love hearing from you!




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