Is This Overweight Cat The Fattest In The World?


Is this the fattest cat on the planet?

These women seem to think so. Although we’ve seen some extremely massive felines , like this Moggie who’s a real-life Garfield, Sprinkles might just be the biggest in the United States…or the world! Weighing a shocking 32 pounds, this domestic shorthair cat would ideally weigh around only 11–14 pounds. “This is a grossly, obscenely overweight cat,” a worker at the New Jersey animal shelter where Sprinkles was dumped says in the following video.

Since Sprinkles was found in a foreclosed house and they have no idea who or where she came from, it’s hard to determine exactly why this cat is so atypically enormous. The only thing that’s clear about this giant fur ball is that she was unfortunately abused by her previous owners. There’s no way a stray could possibly get her teeth on so much junk food by living on the streets. Without a proper diet or exercise, cats will blow up and eat just about anything, as you can see in this sneaky feline’s video.

Luckily, there’s hope for this fat cat, as she is now on the road to recovery. Sprinkles’ caretakers at SOS Sea Isle City Cats assure us that she is on a strict diet and exercise plan to get her down to a more normal weight.

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