They Were Nervous To Bring The Kitten Home…Then Caught Her Doing THIS!


Bringing home a kitten can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you have a big ‘ol Bull Dog named Simba whose already claimed the home as his territory. That’s why this family was a little nervous bringing home their new Sphynx kitten, Satara.

One day, they walked into the family room to discover Satara sniffing and checking out Simba as if she wanted to finally make contact… so they broke out the video camera and captured these next moments, which you’re about to see. All I can say is, this video stole my heart in moments. I don’t think it’s Satara they need to worry about… I think it’s Simba! She has a HUGE crush on him, and I have a feeling she won’t stop until those feelings are reciprocated!

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