Mom sees photo of missing daughter while spreading awareness online



After seeing pictures of her missing daughter online, a mom is using social media to ramp up her search efforts.

Maureen Gulett’s daughter, Rosemary Blue, 14, ran away from her home in Portland, Ore., in June 2015.

Gulett is asking everyone on social media to help her find Rosemary and has put forward a $1,000 reward for her return.

“I desperately need volunteers from every city in the US to post MISSING GIRL notices about Rosemary online,” Gulett wrote on Facebook. “From local Craigslist news posts to facebook pages. Please help me find my missing daughter. Every day counts as she is 14, not in school and endangered.”

Since Rosemary’s disappearance, Gulett has seen photos of her online. Gulett said she thinks Rosemary may be the victim of human trafficking because her appearance is different in each of the photos she has seen.

“Her hair had been bleached blonde last then dyed red,” Gulett said on Facebook. “As of last seen she had red hair kept in a bun however her looks are being regularly altered to hide her identity.”

According to a report by the Oregonian, Rosemary had been living in the Portland area, but “runs away when (family and friends) approach her to bring her home.”

Since the Oregonian’s report in October 2015, Rosemary may have left the Portland area because Gulett said she has started a national search. Some of the places Gulett said Rosemary might be are Eugene, Ore.; California; Seattle, Wash.; Nashville, Tenn.; Hawaii or Dallas, Texas.



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