Mom Captures Pregnancy From Day 1 And The Result Is BEAUTIFUL


Here’s a video that proves the journey is just as beautiful as the destination…

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby — and when you have a dog at home, the experience is that much more fulfilling. In the following clip, watch as Kira’s body undergoes the most miraculous transformation. 4 to 38 weeks pregnant in under two minutes, to be exact. And who else but Chester, Kira’s faithful dog, is right there by her side for the entire journey. From placing a paw on her growing tummy, to rolling on his side for some tummy pets of his own, Chester manages to sneak his way into nearly each and every shot.

Set to the nostalgic tune of “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes, this video is the epitome of the perfect time lapse.

Chester was used to being the only baby in Mom and Dad’s life, but it’s clear her pregnancy was warmly welcomed. After all, the important role of big brother isn’t lost on this four-legged family member.

Kira recently gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Jacobi. Her family couldn’t be happier… Chester included 🙂

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